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Get to know Carlie

Carlie’s soft young curves await your touch as she eagerly spread my legs apart. Australian born with a European background. I’m super sexy, sweet, and very naughty. Carlie is edgy, gorgeous and sexy as hell. She likes to stay out late and get up to all kinds of mischief.


This sassy young minx keeps you entertained and on your toes, with her great attitude towards keeping fine gentlemen horny. Carlie loves sex, she’s a horny seductress with a cheeky sexy smile!


A stunning 33 year old self confessed pervert and uninhibited sexual exhibitionist with an insatiable sexual appetite. Her services are sensual and erotic and always a lot of fun – the kind of fun that makes your knees weak and your jaw drop when you’re shown sexual pleasure you didn’t know existed.


Besides sex appeal, Carlie’s witty, down to earth charm makes it impossible to not be captivated and engaged by her presence.

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